Bach Huynh

Meet Bach Huynh, a dynamic founder with a vision that’s reshaping the tech landscape. With an enthusiastic spirit and an extensive six-year journey, Bach is crafting a legacy marked by innovation and growth.

From the nascent stages, Bach’s leadership has driven the inception of CatsCoding Creations. His dedication to web design, app development, and IoT projects has laid the foundation for an exciting future. With over 120 projects under his belt, Bach has consistently woven excellence into every endeavor.

Bach’s expertise isn’t confined to one corner of the globe. He’s lit up smart cities in Kuala Lumpur with IoT marvels and brought AI solutions to clients in Australia. His reach has even touched industries in Malaysia and SMEs in Vietnam through web and app development, bolstered by impactful digital marketing strategies.

As the architect of CatsCoding Creations, Bach Huynh is steering the ship towards a horizon of innovation and success, all while standing at the beginning stages of an incredible journey.

“Creating is not just a job; it’s a calling that requires both your intellect and your passion.”


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